SIWF – Stockcar Interleague World Final 2012


The event will meet together drivers from several worldwide leagues in two rounds using the Game Stockcar by Reiza Studios, the races will score points for all 28 drivers of the event. At the end of the two rounds, will know the top 28 worldwide in 2012.


A – Classificatory Worldwide Leagues.

The first leagues selected to fill out the groups are:

Each group above will provide 7 titular drivers and also 2 more as backup, in case of no show of one of titular driv

For the first year of the event, each league Admin should select his 7 top drivers according to his own criteria. However, for next years, the only criteria acceptable to provide drivers will be based on regional season with at least 5 round in different tracks, also. The final event will have view closed on cockpitview. So, each league is reponsable to encourage their drivers to get used to this view.

B – SIWF – Stockcar Interleague World Final.

Event Date: 01 December 2012

Race 1

Track: Curitiba
Qualy Start: 18:40h GMT. Duration: 10 min
Warm-up duration: 5 min
Start Race: 19:00 GMT
Race duration: 40min

Race 2

Track: Jacarepagua Curva Sul
Qualy Start: 19:55h GMT. Duration: 10 min
Warm-up duration: 5 min
Start Race: 20:15 GMT
Race duration: 40min 2nd

Server Settings

Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures: proportional at time
Qualifying: Unlimited laps, 10 minute open session
Parc Fermé: No
Formation Lap: Yes, with PaceCar manual
Type of Start: Manual Rolling
Damage: 100%
Time Scale: Normal
Fixed Setups: No
Fixed Upgrades: No
Flag Rules: Black Only
Fixed View: Cockpit and nose

Game Aids

Just auto-clutch

C – Regulation.

C.1 Formation Lap

Formation lap will be manual with a manual pacecar. The steward will say on chat “Green Flag Green Flag”. Same of TPS.

  • Your speed may not exceed 130kph/80mph during the formation lap.
  • Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is no longer allowed.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field.
  • The formation lap is part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements.
  • As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, you will be told to slow down to 60kph/37mph, prior to the final corner, where you must maintain that speed. You should also form up in a 2×2 formation, directly alongside your grid partner (1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, etc). You should aim to be within a car’s length as soon as possible.
  • Once the grid has formed, and once you are in line with your row partner and within a car’s length of the car in front, you must engage your pitlane speed limiter – once engaged, you may not disengage until the GREEN GREEN GREEN signal.
  • The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly. Lining up correctly means in a 2×2 formation, and within a car’s length of the car in front. Should anyone be out of position, or it is a mess, the race admin will call a “GO AROUND” – at which point, a second formation lap will take place at 130kph/80mph. It is not permitted to leave a gap to the car in front in order to “get a jump” on them.
  • In the event of a “GO AROUND” signal, you must remain in the position that you are and a second formation lap, with identical regulations to the first, will commence. A “GO AROUND” will now no longer be given if the GREEN GREEN GREEN signal is issued.
  • If the grid is properly formed and everyone is on the speed limiter, then a GREEN GREEN GREENsignal from the admin, via the chat function, will signal the start of the race. The entire field may then accelerate and overtake. You do not have to wait until the start/finish line to overtake.
  • Use of the Push to Pass button is strictly prohibited on the formation lap and on the first complete racing lap. Only once you have crossed the line after one full racing lap may drivers use the Push to Pass button. Anyone caught using it prior to this will be excluded from the results of that race, and further penalties may be issued should that person have also hindered other drivers after using it.

C.2 Pointing











































3 points for driver who finish the race,
1 point for best lap
1 point for pole man.


C.3 Rules

Same of TouringProSeries rules & regulations session here.

If there are incidents, there will be two stewards from different communities, watching the respective scenes.


C.4. Carskin

The skin´s car will be created by own driver/team, according to event´s rules of Carset.
Attention! It is mandatory to use custom carset and in accordance with the following rules:
• Mandatory use of official event, which can be download here (408 or Sonic)
• Mandatory use of colors of the league and the team that you represent. • Mandatory use of the logos of the league and the team on the sides and rear of the car.


When the skins are finished, send them to [email protected]
If you have problems with transparency for the windows, they will be provided.
Deadline for skins is November 26th.
If you don’t provide a skin, you will get a white car, only with community logo and number and name on it.

C.5 Numbers

Each league have the correct number of those cars on according to the table followed:



10 Brasil Leagues
11 Brasil Leagues
12 Brasil Leagues
13 Brasil Leagues
14 Brasil Leagues
15 Brasil Leagues
16 Brasil Leagues
17 TPS
18 TPS
19 TPS
20 TPS
21 TPS
22 TPS
23 TPS
24 S.R.E.
25 S.R.E.
26 S.R.E.
27 S.R.E.
28 S.R.E.
29 S.R.E.
30 S.R.E.
31 Argentine Leagues
32 Argentine Leagues
33 Argentine Leagues
34 Argentine Leagues
35 Argentine Leagues
36 Argentine Leagues
37 Argentine Leagues


D – Broadcast

D1. Provider

  • First Broadcast
  • Provided by
  • This will be in English
  • Videos and other promotion will need to be provided to the Touring Pro Series staff as soon as possible
  • Commentators will be Toby Davis, Liam Jenkins and Keith Barrick
  • Secund Broadcast
  • Provided by
  • This will be in Portuguese
  • Videos and other promotion will need to be provided to the Touring Pro Series staff as soon as possible

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